Risks & Complications

One of the biggest risks of circumcision, aside from the risks of the procedure itself, is that your son may grow up to resent that he was circumcised. Circumcision rates in Australia are estimated to be now only around 12%, and dropping every year. He may wonder why most of his peers are enjoying all of their genitals while important parts of his have been amputated. Reviewing the top 5 most disturbing things your son will read about his circumcision is a good place to start.

Lifelong Risks and Complications
1. Your son will lose important protective and erogenous tissue.
It may sound like an obvious statement, but the biggest complication from circumcision is that your son will lose his foreskin, which is a highly sensitive and functional body part.

2. Painful, tight erections.

3. Lack of sensitivity as he gets older. The glans (head) is designed to be an internal organ, protected by the foreskin. The constant rubbing of the exposed glans resulting from circumcision causes a loss of sensitivity over time.


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