Plastibell Technique

The popular Plastibell circumcision technique is performed in many circumcision clinics in Sydney. This technique involves ripping the foreskin from the glans, similar to ripping a finger nail from a finger. Then a cut is made along the length of the foreskin and a bell shaped device is slipped over the glans. The a string is tightened around the foreskin to cut off the blood supply until the skin dies and falls off. To attempt to understand what your baby will experience, Mothers could imagine a string tied tightly around their clitoral hood (the female equivalent of a foreskin) to completely cut off the blood supply, untill it dies and drops off. For Fathers who have already been circumcised and don’t remember the procedure you could perhaps imagine the string being tight tightly around your earlobe.

Although some clinics us anesthetic cream for the procedure itself (which is not recommended by the manufacturers), please note that while your baby’s foreskin is strangulated he will have no pain relief.

For further reading on the Plastibell technique please refer to the following:


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